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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet: The Per-Person Food Guide

Don't be daunted by menu planning for Turkey Day - we have your tried-and-true options covered!

Our resounding sentiment about Thanksgiving is this: it should be about food, family, fun, and giving thanks. Ultimately, it ends up being about 50% those things and 50% stress. No more! We've put our heads together with Giada this year to make the big day as relaxing for you as possible. Not only do we have 4 different menus with tons of options for the big day, but here's our cheat-sheet to exactly how much food you should have for every person you're feeding. 
Just remember - you should always have more for leftovers so you can make Giada's Post-Thanksgiving Monte Cristo  or this Cranberry Chocolate Baked French Toast!


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