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The Simple Holiday Cocktails We're Turning To This Year

Get the holiday spirit on - literally - with these easy Italian cocktails.

In Italy, holidays aren't just marked by feasting... they're marked by raising a toast and having a drink, too! Bring on the holiday cheer with these simple and tasty libations. Cin cin!

holiday negroni

Holiday Negroni

A combination of bitter, sweet, and spicy flavors makes this an especially sophisticated drink to sip by the fire.


Strawberry Kiss Cocktail

Candied wild strawberries from Italy are the star of this fresh and fizzy cocktail.


Italian Sorbetto Cocktail (Sgroppino)

Giada added a bit of vodka to this traditional Venetian dessert - the result? A luscious and simple drink.


Lambrusco Spritz

An Aperol spritz is a decidedly warm weather drink, and in this cocktail, the Prosecco and Aperol are replaced with sparkling Lambrusco wine and a touch of Amaro - perfect for the colder months.


Hugo Pitcher Cocktail

 Though the original drink is typically made with mint and lime, we find that basil and lemon play just as nicely with the floral notes of the elderflower - we consider it our Giadzy spin on the classic!


Milano Torino Cocktail

This bold cocktail is no-nonsense in its ingredients, and it certainly packs a punch. Read about the fascinating  history of this drink here!



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