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This Creamy Limoncello Drink Is Italy's Version Of Eggnog

19 December 2022
by Giadzy
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Cocktail meets dessert in this wintery drink: Crema Di Limoncello.

Limoncello is a classic digestif - aka, a drink consumed after dinnertime - from the south of Italy, specifically the Naples region. It makes good use of the huge, fragrant lemons of the south, using the peels to infuse into alcohol for a punchy, sweet drink. While it takes days to infuse, it's incredibly easy to make, and almost entirely passive.

Limoncello is very popular around the world, but we'd like to introduce Limoncello's less ubiquitous cousin: Crema di limoncello. This sweet, creamy variation on the drink is made by adding a sweet, vanilla-scented creamy syrup to the lemon infused alcohol. The result blends the assertive limoncello flavor with velvety vanilla, giving it a delicious balance. It's the perfect luscious mix between liqueur and dessert that offers a bit of that sunshiny lemon flavor even in the dead of winter.

crema di limoncello

Crema Di Limoncello

"This is a common holiday drink in southern Italy," says Giada. "It's like the Italian version of eggnog!"

Like classic Limoncello, this version makes a great gift. Give it away in chilled and labeled little bottles with a bit of yarn or ribbon wrapped around the bottleneck. It can freeze for months, too - just allow some headspace at the top of the bottle for it to expand a bit while frozen!



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