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Photo Credit: Danny Freeman

Danny Freeman Just Made The Coolest Ravioli Ever

16 December 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Danny Freeman

Danny Freeman Just Made The Coolest Ravioli Ever

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Danny Freeman is initiating a new pasta holiday tradition that we're pretty obsessed with.

If you're privy to the world of viral food and cooking videos on TikTok and Instagram, chances are high that you've seen Danny Freeman (aka, @dannylovespasta) show up on your feed at least once. Whether it was pasta in the form of succulent pots, mermaid-tails or even Harry Styles, this pasta prodigy is rightfully a bit of a viral sensation.

Danny started off his internet video presence by sharing his pasta dough recipe and a variety of methods to naturally dye his doughs with beets, spinach and beyond - and as you scroll through his TikTok, you can watch the journey of his creations escalate into some seriously elaborate, amazing pasta. This particular festive pasta especially caught our eye: ravioli Christmas trees! 



These trees bridge the gap between cookie decorating and pasta-making. "I’ve been trying to spearhead Christmas Ravioli decorating as a new holiday tradition, but I don’t think it’s caught on yet" he writes in the caption of his latest Christmas tree ravioli video. Personally? We have a feeling this tasty tradition is in it for the long haul.

He mentions that he would love for his 2-year-old daughter to grow up with this tradition - and perhaps, by next year, she can start helping with the pasta tree decorating.

"Her friends will probably think she's the one with the weird dad, but I'm okay with that," he says. More like amazing dad!


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