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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Grill The Italian Way With Spiedini

21 April 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Grill The Italian Way With Spiedini

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You say skewers, we say spiedini!

There is so much to love about the art and philosophies of Italian cooking: the local ingredients, the languid and slow simmering of sauces, the idea of sipping a glass of Tuscan vino while you do anything in the kitchen... It's no surprise that we'd want to bring these ideas into summertime, too, and nothing says summertime like grilling.
Don't worry - you don't have to grill up a massive Bistecca Fiorentina if you want to fire up some Italian-style grilling action (though... it's not a bad idea.) You can emulate the art of Italian grilling by making spiedini - AKA, skewers.
spiedini recipes
The word "spiedini" is a direct translation of "skewers", and that's what it refers to - Italian kebabs. In Italy, anything served on a skewer is considered spiedini. These spiedini recipes generally involve a protein, like chicken, beef or lamb, but there are truly no rules other than the presence of a skewer. It doesn't technically have to be grilled, either!
Do as the Italians do, and simply pick up whatever local products look particularly great and in-season that day - in summer, it's common to see bell peppers, zucchini, red onions and even tomatoes on a skewer. Many traditional spiedini dishes star proteins alternating with seasonal vegetables. Serve it with pesto, pomodoro or even a zingy Parsley sauce  - anything goes! 
Tap below for a few of Giada's spiedini recipes - and fire up the grill. With a glass of that Tuscan vino in hand, of course.


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