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Checca - The No-Cook Tomato Sauce You Can Put On Everything

08 August 2018
by Giadzy

Checca - The No-Cook Tomato Sauce You Can Put On Everything

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As Italian food aficionados, we love a good tomato sauce - but we don't want to cook it in the summer!

Checca (prounced kek-ah) is our darling sauce of summertime. It's a simple sauce comprised of sweet tomatoes, scallions, garlic, basil, parmesan and olive oil - and all it takes is a quick whirl in the food processor, and it's ready to serve. 
Traditionally, checca is served with spaghettini or angel hair pastas (which we adore!) but why stop there? This bright, zippy sauce can go with a medley of dishes, from a grilled chicken marinade to a delicious calzone filling and dipping sauce. We've been partial lately to making a big batch of checca on Sunday evenings, and using it throughout the week for any dish that needs a little bit of brightening up. Spoon it over freshly grilled veggies, use it as a perfect bruschetta topping, add it to couscous to brighten it up - possibilities are endless (and tasty)! 
Per the words from Giada on this summer standby, "It does not get more simple or delicious than that." Truth!


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