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A Sundae You Can Eat for Dinner

07 August 2018
by Giadzy

A Sundae You Can Eat for Dinner

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When it's hot and the tomatoes are in surplus, we find some new ways to enjoy them!

Don't get us wrong - we love the tomatoes of summer and eat them raw on repeat day after day - but when our gardens are going nuts and the farmer's markets are bursting with them on the cheap, we love finding some fresh innovative ways to enjoy our favorite summer gem. Cue the Caprese Granita!
Giada has loved using tomatoes as a base for sorbets and granitas for a long time, and with good reason! Tomatoes are fruit, after all, and their late-summer sweetness is unbeatable. There have been some days this summer where it almost felt too hot to eat (it hit almost 120 in some parts of LA!) and while we're still in the midst of this crazy heat wave, this dish is our solution! It's a cooling, texturally exciting light bite that you're going to want to make again and again while tomatoes are still growing like crazy! 
For a sweeter rendition with watermelon in addition to tomatoes, you can try Giada's Tomato Sorbet - it's a perfect mid-meal palette cleanser or refreshing, crisp dessert.


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