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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Here's Another Way To Use Lasagna Noodles

24 February 2021
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Here's Another Way To Use Lasagna Noodles

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Got a box of lasagna sheets on hand, but not feeling up to making a layered casserole? No worries - there's another way to use lasagna!

When we were first deciding on how to stock the Giadzy Pantry, Giada asked that we include lasagna pasta. Between such cool pasta shapes we were stocking up like Paccheri, Nodi Marini and Calamarata, we were thinking... lasagna? It just didn't seem quite as exciting as the myriad of fun shapes.
That is, until, Giada let us know how she likes to use it. "In Italy, there's a type of thin, flat pasta called Mandilli Di Seta - otherwise known as Handkerchief pasta, and it's often tossed with pesto," says Giada. "I like to use the lasagna sheets from Setaro like that. They're a bit thinner than most American varieties of lasagna sheets, so it almost feels like you're eating a really delicious, wider version of papardelle." 

We gave it a shot, and sure enough, Giada was right - it was delicious. Tossed with Giada's Citrus Pesto, the lasagna from our pantry was absolutely amazing. To be fair, it's pretty hard to do anything with Setaro pasta that won't end up tasting fabulous - that perfectly aldente, pillowy texture can't be beat. It turned a seemingly basic pasta shape into something new, fun, and elegant.
Another Way To Use Lasagna
There you have it - if you ever looked at that box of lasagna sheets and wondered if there was another way to use it, Giada just gave you the green light. While these pasta sheets are still absolutely wonderful in a classic lasagna as well, or even rolled up into lasagna rolls, why not think outside the box - literally?
We love this pasta with pesto, or with hearty ragu sauces. Check out the recipes below for a few recommended sauces to use it with!


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