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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

You Already Have the Ingredients to Make Your Own Tea

10 January 2022
by Giada De Laurentiis
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Out of tea bags? No problem! Try these teas using pantry-staple ingredients you definitely have on hand.

Winter weather calls for warming drinks. But while coffee and hot cocoa are always a treat, I find myself reaching for the tea kettle when January rolls around - not only to ward off the chill, but to help me stay on track with my whole foods cleanse. Herbal teas and fruit infusions are a tasty way to get your water intake up without adding extra calories or artificial flavorings, and are great health boosters to boot! There's a combination for every body, whether you're looking to stay alert, sleep soundly, or just feel well.

My daily go-to is mint tea, a great mid-afternoon pick-me-up that's refreshing and bright. One deep inhale will clear away the midday cobwebs that can slow down productivity after lunch!


Another super powered tea? Citrus and fennel. Fennel seed and lemon zest assist digestion, making it the perfect sip to reach for after a hearty dinner. And ginger and lemon is the classic cure-all, guaranteed to drive away winter sniffles and soothe sore throats.

But they don't have to be all wholesome! If you need to warm up quick after shoveling out from a snowstorm (or just watch the snow fall from the window!) there's nothing better than a hot toddy made with bourbon and honey. Once you start making your own teas, you'll be inspired to make up your own combinations to your taste, using the herbs and fruits you like best. Just add hot water!


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