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Give Your Parmesan The Restaurant Quality Treatment With This Kitchen Tool

In Giada's restaurants, shows, cookbooks, and nearly all of the recipes on this site, we turn to one tool to make parmesan light, feathery and perfect: the microplane!

People always ask Giada what the secret is to her pasta dishes, and while the answer is most always the pasta water, there's a little known trick she doesn't always talk about: a dusting of fluffy, light shreds of Parmesan only attainable from a microplane, covering each and every piece of pasta. (That's also how she gets the Caesar Salad in her restaurants so delicious!) And for finishing a dish, nothing compares to the fluffy dusting of delicate cheese you get from this kitchen tool, and it can't be replicated from a regular cheese grater. It allows every airy piece of Parmesan to coat each bite!

Pasta aside, we think a sprinkle of microplaned Parmiggiano is a perfect finishing touch for any Italian dish, like Giada's Stuffed Chicken Parmesanor lightened-up Chicken Milanese
Know that this mighty kitchen tool is not just great for Parmesan, either! It's how we zest our citrus, grate fresh nutmeg, or even shave a fresh dusting of chocolate over affogato and tiramisu.



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