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Bring Capri Home to You With This Instagram-Inspired Seaside Meal

18 July 2018
by Giada De Laurentiis
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Ever had a meal on vacation you loved so much you wanted to take it home? Giada did, and these pasta recipes are the delicious result.

My Italian vacation may be over, but I'll be using the memories I brought home with me for inspiration for years to come. One meal in particular really struck a chord with me - and judging by the comments on my Instagram shot of our lunch table, it spoke to many of you, too! Da Luigi ai Faraglioni is nestled among the island's famous faraglioni, towering rock formations that sit at the water's edge. With a terrace that boasts breathtaking views of the clear blue ocean and the massive, chalk-white rocks, food could be a total afterthought here. Instead, our lunch at Da Luigi was so delicious I was still obsessing over it a week later when I got home.

Since I couldn't get the delicious pastas we had there out of my head, I got to work recreating them in my own kitchen. As with so much of my favorite Italian food, they were deceptively simple - and took more than a few practice runs to get them just right! Using just a handful of top-quality ingredients in the perfect balance, these pastas ring out with authentic Caprese flavor.

Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino is a classic pantry-clearing supper, but the addition of crispy prosciutto takes it to a decadent new level. And calamarata - a large, tubular pasta that looks like calamari rings - with pomodoro and salmon is a savory summer sunset of reds and oranges. Since high-quality salmon can be hard to find here (don't settle for farmed, which lacks the rich, good-for-you oils and meaty flavor of wild-caught salmon), I've replaced it with Italian tuna canned in olive oil. Splurge on the best tuna you can get, since it's the star of the dish.
Now I can recreate those amazing memories of Capri from the comfort of my own home - and so can you!


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