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Surprising Slow Cooker Recipes

15 November 2017
by Giadzy
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Surprising recipes for this multipurpose kitchen tool!

There's no kitchen tool that inspires more love from busy home cooks than the slow cooker. Not only is it hands-off, it's also safe to leave on while you're out of the house, which makes it an ideal multi-tasker while you're at work. There are few pleasures greater than coming home to a delicious-smelling house after a long day of work, knowing dinner is already taken care of.
But this powerhouse appliance is more versatile than you may think. Many people think of the slow cooker for dump-and-go stews and long-simmered braises, dishes that traditionally take hours on the stovetop or in the oven. But it's just as effective in making everything from breakfast to dessert. Whenever you need to buy time or free up a burner on the stovetop when making a big meal (hello, holidays!), turn to the slow cooker. Here are three of my favorite unexpected slow cooker dishes:
Oatmeal: Flip the script and wake up to a hearty breakfast with this simple recipe, which gives you creamy, just-chewy oatmeal while you sleep. Set a batch to go on Sunday night and you'll have breakfast covered for the week!
Tater Tot Bake: No room in the oven? This cheesy, comforting casserole bakes up perfectly on the counter while you focus on more important things. Take this to a potluck to really wow your friends!
Brownies: The newest way to get your chocolate fix couldn't be easier: just pour your batter in the cooker's bowl and walk away. These impossibly fudgy brownies are amazing served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


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