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Make These Multipurpose Muffins for Any Meal

20 September 2017
by Giadzy
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4 go-anywhere recipes to pack for breakfast, lunch, dessert, or any time at all!

Muffins are my secret weapon whenever Jade - or I - need a quick breakfast on the go or a little boost anytime throughout the day. They're portable and infinitely variable, so I can make a batch using whatever fruit or veggies are in season, or any flavor I feel like. And while lots of muffin recipes are about as nutritious as a slice of cake, I pack mine with whole grains, fruit, and extra protein to fuel the day. 
Orange-Scented Almond and Olive Oil Muffins: Nutty almond flour and extra virgin olive oil put an elegant twist on breakfast on the go.
Gluten-Free Carrot and Zucchini Muffins: Pack a few extra veggies in their lunch where they're sure not to complain: in these moist, tasty muffins.
Mini Almond Butter and Strawberry Muffins: Mini muffins turn any breakfast into a special event! Bonus: these are PB&J-inspired without the peanuts, so they're great for sharing at school.
Pumpkin Ginger Chocolate Muffins: Antioxidant-rich pumpkin puree and a decadent chocolate coating strike the perfect balance of good-for-you and just plain good.


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