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Lava Cakes Have Never Been Easier

12 February 2019
by Giadzy

Lava Cakes Have Never Been Easier

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Wow your Valentine with these warm, gooey-centered chocolate cakes that are secretly super easy!

Chocolate lava cakes have a reputation for classic decadence, and may not seem like something you could pull off at home. We're here to give you the confidence that you not only can totally do it, but that it'll be super easy! There are no molds or ramekins required for this recipe - just your good ol' 12-count muffin tin.
The recipe itself has two parts, but is simple - melt chocolate (if you want to make it extra special, splurge on a quality brand), butter and salt over a double boiler until smooth and shiny. When that's done, whip up eggs and sugar until fluffy and pale, then slowly combine the two mixtures to make a super light, airy chocolate cake batter. Fold in a touch of flour, and they're ready to go!

You might be skeptical that about how easily they'll come out of the pan, but we promise you that the do! Instead of reaching for the nonstick spray, we went the traditional route of buttering each muffin cup and sprinkling with flour. This way, after an 8-minute stint in the oven, they'll magically slip right out when you invert the pan. 
Embellish them with your favorite berries and some mint to really drive that restaurant-worthy plate home! If you really want to emulate that fine-dining experience in your own kitchen, why not cook up a beautiful steak for two to eat before? 


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