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Turkey Bolognese, In An Instant!

08 February 2019
by Giadzy

Turkey Bolognese, In An Instant!

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You asked, we answered - our very first Instant Pot Recipe!

...and we gotta tell you guys, we're sold. When we realized the Instant Pot was a trend that wasn't leaving anytime soon, we decided it was finally time to give it a try - and although it felt treacherous the first time we released that pressure lever (spoiler: we made it out alive) we soon learned why everybody loves their Instant Pots so dearly.
Pressure cooking is by no means a new method of cooking, but the Instant Pot (#notsponsored, promise!) makes the whole idea much more accessible and, well, less terrifying. Since our admittedly late-to-the-game epiphany, we've Instant-Potted everything under the sun with Giada: short ribs, meatballs, stews, you name it. It's going to be a fun season of recipe testing, but the first one we're rolling out for you guys?

Turkey Bolognese! This take on the traditional hearty meal is made with a combo of ground turkey and turkey sausage, and after hanging out in the Instant Pot for a half hour, it creates a ragu so deep in flavor that you'd swear it spent hours simmering away on the stovetop. Seriously - just wait until you smell your house after releasing the pressure. It's heavenly.
We're sold on so many aspects of the Instant Pot. Firstly, the saute function means you don't need to dirty any other dishes in order to sweat those onions and garlic cloves. Win! Secondly, the idea that you can set-and-forget your food in a device and not need to tend to it is a huge bonus - especially when you have little ones running around or other chores to tend to. 
We've got some in store already, but what kind of recipes would you guys love to see next in the Instant Pot? We're all ears!

Grab the recipe here!


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