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Giada's Favorite Afternoon Sipper: DIY Cherry Soda

02 July 2020
by Giadzy

Giada's Favorite Afternoon Sipper: DIY Cherry Soda

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This easy and refreshing DIY cherry soda will keep you feeling alert through the afternoon slump - no caffeine necessary!

A common quarantine-theme is the drinks we're consuming - namely, a lot of coffee, and then when 5pm hits is (sometimes!) when cocktail hour begins. In those afternoon hours when it feels a little too late to brew up some coffee but a biiiit to early to uncork the wine, it's nice to have something vibrant and refreshing on hand as a little pick-me-up. This quick 2-ingredient drink has been on Giada's rotation for awhile, and while it seems like a no-brainer, we're loving it so much more than the canned flavored seltzers we've reached for in the last few months: DIY cherry soda!
It couldn't be simpler: pour some cherry juice into a glass with ice, and fill it up with sparkling water. Boom - refreshing, tasty afternoon sipper! Not only is cherry juice a super flavorful and delicious ingredient, but it actually boasts some pretty nice health benefits as well. It's very rich in nutrients, and according to Healthline, it may also reduce muscle soreness, help you sleep better, reduce inflammation, and even promote brain health. How many sodas can say that?
The ratio of cherry juice to soda is up to you, and it's also up to what kind of cherry juice you buy - some are more tart and sour while others are much sweeter. We think a 1:1 ratio is great, but you can alter it from more flavorful to more fizzy however you like!
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