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Giada’s Southern Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes, Made Simpler

01 December 2022
by Giadzy

Giada’s Southern Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes, Made Simpler

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You don't need to make 7 different dishes to accomplish this Christmas Eve Feast - here's how Giada makes it easy.

The Feast Of The Seven Fishes is a classic old-school Italian tradition on Christmas Eve: a meal featuring seven different seafood dishes. With the utmost respect for those who accomplish such a feat, we've always found Giada's rule to simplifying the dinner to be more accessible: one make-ahead or no-cook dish, one on the stovetop, and one in the oven.

Here's how Giada is doing the FOTSF this year - and trust us, it's easy!


 Make Ahead/No Cook: Italian Tuna Salad

feast of the seven fishes salad

A tuna salad fit for Christmas Eve! The secret to this fresh and crisp salad is getting the highest quality tuna you can - preferably one that's packed in oil, in line with Italian tradition. Our choice for a show-stopper? Armatore Bluefin tuna filets from the Amalfi Coast.


Stovetop: Arugula Pesto Pasta With Shrimp

arugula pesto pasta with shrimp

Pesto is always a crowd pleaser, and with some juicy pan-seared jumbo shrimp on top? This one's a holiday winner. This recipe takes under a half hour to whip up, and it takes even less time if you opt to make the pesto in advance.


In the Oven: Lemon Sole Oreganata

Another dish that's incredibly quick and easy to whip up, this baked lemon sole is a spin on the classic Italian-American appetizer clams oreganata. Thanks to the vibrant flavors of white wine, lemon and herbs, this crunchy-topped dish is full of flavor.


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