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Even Kids Can Cook this Mother's Day Brunch Menu

21 April 2019
by Giadzy
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Take a load off and relax this Mother's Day by leaving the little ones in charge of brunch… this is a menu they can tackle!

Every kid wants to give their mom the ultimate Mother's Day gift - an epic breakfast in bed. But when it comes to egg cookery and complicated menu items, things can turn disastrous a bit quickly, and mother's day turns into mom-cleaning-up-the-kitchen. That's why we curated this fail-proof menu so that the kiddos can have something to be proud of, and mom can have something to genuinely enjoy (and not worry about!)
Mini Linguine and Prosciutto Frittatas require one mixing bowl and then setting-and-forgetting in the oven - and these flavorful little bites make the best snack for days after, even cold right out of the fridge.
A Caprese Salad is not only the quintessential salad of Capri, but it's a super-quick, no-cook recipe that any kid can tackle - you don't even need too sharp of a knife (the jagged tomato-cuts will give it character!)
Lastly, thanks to our New & Improved Lemon Ricotta Cookies recipe, whipping up some gelato ice cream sandwiches is a breeze! Mix up the cookie dough the night before, wrap it up, and come the morning all you need to do is bake and glaze them… and to make it really festive, some raspberry gelato to sandwich in between!
So go ahead, print out these recipes and accidentally leave them on the coffee table! You'll have a brunch straight from Italy waiting for you on Mother's Day.


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