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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

A New Spin (Literally) On Casatiello

31 March 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

A New Spin (Literally) On Casatiello

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A whole new way to make and eat this delicious savory Easter bread: Casatiello Rolls.

Italy shares an abundance of celebratory foods for Easter, and the Casatiello is far and above among our favorites. A rich savory bread, studded with salami and cheese (the name "casatiello," comes from the Neapolitan word "caso," which means "cheese") baked in a bundt pan and topped with decorative eggs. It's a divine decadent treat, and Giada's recipe for it was met with a deserved viral reception when it was first posted.
Like many classic Italian dishes, there is no singular "right way" to make Casatiello. The bread originated in Naples as a celebratory Easter dish, and has been around in many variations for hundreds of years. From different cheeses to different meats, and different families preparing the recipe, Casatiello exists in many different forms.
This might be a brand new way to do it, however!
casatiello rolls
One of our favorite ways to cook is to take classic flavors and execute them in a new way. Enter these Casatiello rolls - with a shorter leavening time and shorter baking time, it shaves nearly an hour off of the original Casatiello recipe. Instead of cutting the bread into slices, this method of preparation turns them into pull-apart rolls, made extra easy for sharing. Plus, it's just fun to eat them this way - who can resist a rich spiral of bread with cheese and salami? 
Giada's original recipe is still the ultimate show-stopper, but why not try a spin (literally) on a classic? Tap below for the recipe for these Casatiello rolls!


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