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Back To School Breakfast: Frozen Oatmeal Cups

23 August 2019
by Giadzy

Back To School Breakfast: Frozen Oatmeal Cups

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Make back to school breakfast a breeze with these easy microwavable frozen oatmeal cups!

Every parent knows school mornings can be a tad chaotic. Every minute counts! Between getting the little ones off and getting yourself ready for the day ahead, making sure there's a nutritious breakfast for the kids (and you!) can be a difficult task. One thing that makes it easier? A breakfast situation that's already prepped and ready to go. Enter frozen oatmeal cups!

These frozen oatmeal cups are our #DIY version of oatmeal packets, except you know, and can feel good about, every ingredient going into them. Many oatmeal packets from the store are loaded with added sugars (and preservatives!), which will lead to the inevitable blood sugar crash - and we want our little ones awake and learning at 10am, not dozing off from a sugar crash!

And sure, oatmeal from scratch just takes 10 minutes - but these little guys only take two. What parent couldn't use an extra 8 minutes in their morning? We know we could!

Frozen Oatmeal Cups

To make these cups, simply pre-cook the oats and evenly divide them into a muffin pan. Freeze it. After they've frozen, remove them with an offset spatula and place into a resealable freezer bag. Done! Once the morning comes, all you need to do is take two cups and heat them up in the microwave with your favorite milk. At this point, you can add in all of your favorite mix-ins: maple syrup, olive oil, flake salt, berries, toasted almonds, coconut flakes... chocolate chips... whatever you love! 

2-minute healthy breakfast? Done! Frozen oatmeal cups to the rescue for all of the morning madness.


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