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3 New Ways to Use Cranberries This Thanksgiving

08 November 2017
by Giadzy

3 New Ways to Use Cranberries This Thanksgiving

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Here's how to promote this often overlooked side to star status.

Cranberries are the unsung heroes of the Thanksgiving meal. Though it's not as spectacular as a turkey, or as soul-satisfying as mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce provides a very necessary pop of tart flavor to balance out a heavy plate of rich, filling foods. I've always loved their bright flavor and gorgeous gem-like color, so I hate to see them relegated to minor Thanksgiving team player. In my world, cranberries are a star!
Aside from that much-needed flavor counterpoint, cranberries also do some serious nutritional heavy lifting. They're loaded with vitamin C and other antioxidants, so you can feel a little better about that second helping of stuffing! Some cultures even believe they have digestive properties -
 it's not scientifically proven, but it certainly couldn't hurt. Buy an extra bag this year and make one of these three delicious recipes guaranteed to change the way you think about this tiny powerhouse. I guarantee you'll never write off cranberries again.
Simple Cranberry Sauce: No Thanksgiving plate is complete without this ruby-red condiment. It's even more delicious spread on leftover turkey sandwiches! 
Cranberry Zeppole with Ginger Syrup: Serve this tangy dessert alongside (or instead of) the pumpkin pie for a lighter, fruit-based option. 
Chocolate Cranberry Baked French Toast: Use leftover cranberry sauce in this decadent breakfast bake that's the perfect start to a lazy long weekend with family.


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