Sicilian DOP Valle del Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This DOP-certified Sicilian olive oil is made with local Nocellara del Belice olives for an intense and spicy oil that is perfect for finishing dishes or dipping bread.

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Intense and fruity, this truly special extra virgin olive oil from Centonze is the peak of Sicilian flavor. It’s made with Nocellara del Belice olives grown on the estate of Case di Latomie in the DOP region of Valle del Belice, in southwestern Sicily. That DOP protection recognizes the special nature of olive oil from this area, which are intensely flavored, deep green, and layered with herbal and fruit notes. It’s presented in a gorgeously decorated tin that pays homage to Sicily’s rich history and makes a stunning addition to your countertop. (Bonus: The airtight, opaque tin protects the volatile compounds in the oil, keeping it fresh and flavorful!)

Since 1953, the Centonze family have been making olive oil in the stunning Case di Latomie, an historic quarry-turned-olive grove. Here, the ancient Greeks who occupied Sicily extracted large blocks of limestone for construction, and their marks remain in the rough walls and steps that dot the grove. It was one of the very first areas in the Mediterranean where olive cultivation took place. Today, truly ancient olive trees grow in harmony with the ancient limestone, twisting around and across the walls as they continue to bear fruit. It’s a beautiful landscape that exists outside of time.

Centonze are dutiful safeguards of this special place so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated for ages to come. Their olives are harvested by hand to capture each one at the peak of flavor. Every drop of their extraordinary oil communicates the essence of Sicily’s history.

This monovarietal olive oil has a medium-intense fruitiness and strong, herbaceous flavor with notes of green tomato and artichoke. It’s well suited for fish dishes of all kinds, vegetable soups, and white meat, both poultry and pork. It’s also a delicious match with creamy and semi-aged cheeses.
Commodity nature: Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.
Oil type: P.D.O. Valle del Belice Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Harvest time: October
Method of harvesting: Picked by hand
Type of processing: Continuous cold cycle (2 phases)
Filtering: Filtered
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Variety: Nocellara del Belice. Filtered.

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