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Giada's Obsessions, Vol. 4

Making these lists is starting to feel a bit like a tradition! I love that you guys are into it, so here we go again... my current list of obsessions.

1. Levain Bakery opening in LAThese are my favorite cookies EVERRR. I can't tell you how excited I was when they opened a bakery in LA. I literally keep them stockpiled in my freezer at all times. 
2. Taylor Swift Eras Tour: I got to attend one of Taylor's LA shows with Jade and WOW. It was truly epic. It's been a long time since I've seen a show with just such incredible production value. It was fantastic and I feel lucky that I got to attend an event like that!
3. Jouer Bronzer Duo: I'm a sucker for a great bronzer - I love my makeup to look bronzey and sunkissed and glowy. This is my new holy grail!
4. This peach and cherry salad with burrata: This has been my #1 repeat recipe lately, and I even switch out the fruit for whatever I have available - sometimes I'll even sneak in tomatoes - and it's always delicious. I'll bring this to dinner parties or serve it at my house and sometimes people aren't certain about the combo at first - but one bite and they're hooked. 
5. Bucatini Lunghi: This was one of the first pasta shapes I got to see being made in abruzzo, and i absolutely loved it. I have all these old pictures from a show I did years ago of how pasta used to be dried on the streets of Italy - it was in these super long strands, and they curve over because they used to hang dry on rods in the street! It feels like a little bit of old world Italy. Plus, bucatini is just a fantastic shape for those who love a classic noodle like spaghetti but with a bit more satisfying chew to it.

6. Jane Winchester Pendants: I am so in love with my gold pendant from Jane Win! I'm a Leo (& it's my season, baby!) and I have one of the zodiac pendant necklaces. I adore it!

7. Masseria Duana Tomatoes: After an amazing family vacation spent in Puglia last summer, I've really fallen in love with the region - and I wanted to bring as many amazing Apulian products to Giadzy as I could. When I discovered Masseria Dauna, a women-run tomato company from Puglia, I was so excited - and even more excited when I tasted how incredible these tomatoes are. Like Italian sunshine in every bite!