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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

This Translation App Will Save Your Life In Italy

21 May 2019
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Imagine a world where you can point your phone at a menu in a foreign language and it pops up on your screen translated into English...

...well, imagine no more! Google Translate is a lifesaver not just in Italy, but in any foreign country. Whether you're trying to get train tickets on a kiosk, or trying to figure out what all the sandwich fillings are on the menu outside of  Al'Antico Vinaio (just be careful, because every English-speaker behind you will want a look at your phone too!), you can have everything translated in real-time, right through your phone's camera. Trust us: you need this translation app for the next time you travel abroad.

Even better: to avoid using data without wi-fi while you're abroad, simply download the dictionaries of the languages you plan on encountering before your vacation in the app. That way, you'll have it ready to go for you - wherever you are!

This translation app goes even further than this particularly awesome feature: you can translate voices in real-time, and it gives you audio pronunciation for all translations. You can even translate handwritten messages!

Don't forget to give this translation app a download before your next trip abroad - it'll save your life! Check it out here in the app store.



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