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Giada's New Favorite Rooftop Bar In Rome: Cielo Terrace

Come for the view and stay for the snacks at our new favorite terrace bar in Rome!

The beauty of a city like Rome is that while there are favorite places you can visit over and over, there's always something new to discover in the buzzing metropolis. Giada has her go-to spots that she will always make a point to head to, but if you make time for trying somewhere new, you could realize there's something even better than what you thought was the best!
Every trip to Rome (or almost any Italian city) isn't quite complete if you don't get an aperitivo with a view - it's pretty much become a ritual any time we visit! On our last Team Giadzy getaway, we discovered La Grande Bellezza, a rooftop bar right on top of the Eitch Borromini hotel. The pictures speak for themselves - it's a stunning place to get a cocktail and watch the sunset! However, we found a new contender for the best rooftop bar in Rome. Cue the Cielo Bar on top of Hotel de la Ville.
best rooftop bar in rome
Why have we fallen in love with this bar? Well, for starters - look at that view. The Cielo Bar is located right at the top of the Spanish Steps, so you're offered sweeping views of central Rome. At sunset and twilight hour, you really can't beat it.
Secondly? The SNACKS. Order a drink (may we recommend the Aperol spritz?) and they'll bring you a ton of little bites to enjoy with your cocktail. Mini burgers, vegetables with guacamole, and all sorts of delicious things to nibble on while you watch the sun set over St. Peter's dome? Those are pretty much the makings of a perfect Roman evening.
Be sure to play it safe and reserve your table in advance if you're planning on visiting - especially if you want to stop by during sunset or on a weekend. !

Cielo Terrace Bar
Via Sistina, 69, 00187 Roma RM, Italy
+39 06 9779 3716


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