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Zest Up Your Dinners With Gremolata

10 August 2022
by Giadzy
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Gremolata: the zesty green Italian condiment you can put on just about any savory dish.

Not quite pesto, not quite chimichurri, but more than a simple garnish of chopped herbs, this Italian topper adds a vibrant edge to any dish it touches. The origins of this topping are lost in history - but nonetheless, this simple topper is a staple in Italian cuisine.
Classic gremolata is comprised of just three things: parsley, chopped garlic and lemon zest. Though incredibly simple at its core, those three ingredients add an impact of bright flavor (and color!) to any dish that needs a bit of livening up. It's harder to think of a dish that wouldn't benefit from gremolata than one that would.
The traditional 3-ingredient gremolata is a great topping to add on its own, but we like to look at it as more of a blueprint for what a gremolata can be. Adding chopped nuts or breadcrumbs for texture, a great olive oil to give it an unctuous rich mouthfeel, and even a variety of different fresh herbs are all welcome options.
Get started with Giada's favorite staple gremolata recipe below, and add it to grilled or roasted meats, cooked vegetables, simple pastas, salads and beyond!

Make Giada's Gremolata


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