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4 Sweet Ways To Reinvent The Caprese Salad

18 August 2022
by Giadzy
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We all know and love the quintessential Caprese salad for summer, but when you've had your fill of tomatoes, give these recipes a try.

Summer is the time to enjoy fresh, raw fruits and vegetables - so why not give your next Caprese salad a spin with everything the season has to offer? Between abundant fresh herbs and bountiful fruits in every garden and farmer's market, it's the perfect opportunity to give the classic tricolore salad a bit of a twist.


Watermelon Mosaic Caprese

Not only is this salad visually beautiful, but these flavors work some serious magic together. In Italy, it's incredibly common to eat melon in savory applications in the summertime - the pop of sweetness from watermelon and honeydew paired with fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, salt and olive oil is everything we love about summertime. 


Mozzarella and Strawberry Bruschetta

Have you ever had a bite of strawberry, tomato and mozzarella? It's magic, and especially when combined with this vibrant vinaigrette and eaten on top of crispy crostini.


Peach And Cherry Salad With Burrata

Think of this salad as a Caprese that swaps out tomatoes for peaches and cherries, and mozzarella for burrata. With a bit of mint thrown in to tie it all together along with olive oil and balsamic, it's an incredible burst of flavor. Scoop it all up on wedges of grilled bread for the most perfect dish to share among friends in summer. 


Burrata With Nectarines And Corn

The combination of summer produce + fresh Italian cheese + basil proves to be a winner with this delicious play on Caprese. This one has it all: sweet pops of summer corn, juicy nectarines, a delicious vinaigrette and a kick of spice in every bite from thinly-sliced chilis. 



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