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Bring Home These Italian Valentine's Day Traditions

05 February 2020
by Giadzy
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Give your loved one a gift inspired by these sweet and timeless Italian Valentine's Day traditions!

We all know Rome to be the city of love, so it only makes sense that Italians would have timeless traditions for Valentine's Day. As a matter of fact, the entire tradition of Valentine's day started in the Roman Empire - by the 5th century, it was known to be a day celebrated with romance and love. All to say, if you're looking for a truly authentic Valentine's day tradition to share with your loved one, it doesn't get more genuine than taking a page from Italy!
So, how do the Italians celebrated this love-adorned holiday these days? While Italy hosts many parades and festivals on the 14th that you'd need to be present for to witness, there are many traditional gifts Italians give to one another on the holiday that we can replicate here. If you aren't sure what to give your significant other this year, look no further - what's more romantic than an Italian-themed gift that has a romantic story attached? Bring Italian Valentine's Day traditions home with these gift ideas!

BaciIf you're set on giving a gift that's inspired by Italy, this is where you start - baci! These chocolates are very popularly gifted among couples in Italy - so much so, that they contain an Italian love note inside.
Love LockThe tradition of buying a padlock, writing your initials and locking it to a bridge or gate forever is alive and well in Italy. While you can see this love lock tradition all over the world, it actually started in Rome as well - author Federico Moccia wrote a love story, "Ho Voglio di te," in which a young couple attaches a padlock to Rome's ponte Milvio bridge. This inspired real-life couples to all do the same! While love locks are not as popular of a tradition in the 'States, there are several locations here (and the rest of the world!) where you can lock your love somewhere forever - just check out this map. Even if you can't lock it to anything, the symbol is still beautiful on its own - even if it just sits on your significant other's desk to serve as a reminder of your love. Plus, you can even get custom-made ones on Amazon!
Love Notes & Flowers: Okay, we know - this definitely doesn't seem like the most groundbreaking gift idea out there. Hear us out, though - we're not talking just any ol' card with a pre-written message. We're talking a handwritten, thoughtful card that your loved one will hold onto and cherish. This is one time of the year when you don't have to feel shy to really tell your significant other how you feel! Flowers, of course, never hurt - and bonus points for getting their favorite kind. Extra credit, too, for including a romantic Italian quote, like this one below:
Italian Night At Home: Vino, pasta, the tunes of our Italian Spotify playlist in the background - those are the makings for a truly special night. There is something wonderful about curating a dinner experience at home with your loved one, especially if you complete it with some special ambiance. Splurge on a great Italian bottle of wine, make a special pasta dish (may we recommend Giada's Short Rib Ragu?) and enjoy something special together, all inspired by the country that gave us Valentine's Day.
An Italian Vacation: Alright, alright, this one's a doozy - but think about it! It would be a gift for you, too - and there's nothing more romantic than a couple's vacation to Italy.

Lastly, our own online shop is filled to the brim with Italian-inspired gifts - including ceramics, customizable jewelry, signed cookbooks and more. Check it out!


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