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No-Cook Breakfasts for Even the Busiest Mornings

22 January 2018
by Giada De Laurentiis
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You have no excuse not to make breakfast with recipes this easy!

Some mornings, it feels like there isn't enough time to turn the coffee maker on, let alone make breakfast for yourself or anyone else. Between getting ready for work and convincing little (or not-so-little) ones to get out of bed, turning on the stove to cook is just out of the question . But that old saying about breakfast isn't just talk - it's true! The most important meal of the day primes your metabolism to run smoothly all day long, boosts brain function to banish the morning groggies, and starts your day on a positive note. With a little advance planning and these time-sensitive recipes, super-quick, hearty homemade breakfasts can be yours in as little time as it takes to pour a bowl of cereal.
For a luxurious take on your usual yogurt and granola, mix plain yogurt with rich, creamy ricotta, and use it as a base to build elegant ricotta parfaits with jam, granola, and toasted almonds. Pack it in a mason jar to take it on the go while keeping those gorgeous layers visible!
Instead of throwing a couple of Pop-Tarts in the toaster, take less than 10 minutes to make Italian fruit toast that's loaded with protein-packed ricotta and totally customizable. Top it with any fruit you like, or try drizzling it with spicy honey for a little extra kick.
Sneak in some good-for-you greens with a double berry smoothie that's refreshingly filling. To speed things up even more, assemble all your ingredients the night before and store them in a cup in the fridge so you can dump it all in the blender, add ice, and go.
If you've got an extra hour on the weekend, whip up a batch of bacon and scallion corn muffins and solve your week's breakfast woes all at once. They're smoky, savory and just a touch sweet, the perfect thing to grab on your way out the door.


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