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Make personalized sugar cookies without the stress by outsourcing the baking!

Save time - and mess - by enlisting the help of a local bakery to throw a cookie decorating party.

A cookie decorating party is a deliciously sweet way to share the holiday festivities with everyone, from kids to grownups. But rolling out, cutting, and baking batch after batch of cookies is a time-consuming, messy endeavor that takes all the fun out of hosting a party! Who wants to be watching an oven timer when you could be spending time with family? 

To have your cookies and eat them too, call up a local bakery and order a batch of undecorated sugar or gingerbread cookies, then whip up a batch of dead-simple 2-ingredient frosting (We like to use a 6:1 ratio by weight of powdered sugar to pasteurized egg whites!). Set out the cookies and bowls or piping bags of frosting for your guests, and have fun!


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