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Giada's Christmas Menu: Elegance Made Easy

08 December 2022
by Giadzy
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A sophisticated Italian Christmas dinner that comes together in a breeze.

In Italy, Christmas is celebrated by doing what Italians do best: cooking a feast. While the presence of pastas and roasts and homemade desserts are practically non-negotiable, this is your route to making an elegant holiday meal without all of the fuss and stress.

When asked what people's biggest mistake is when planning a big holiday meal, Giada's simple answer is "thinking they have to make everything from scratch." Using a jarred tomato sauce you really love for lasagna, a high-quality jam to flavor your pork roast or buying some fantastic cookies are all Giada-approved moves for the holidays. It's all about spending the time together - and if taking a few tasty shortcuts helps you enjoy that time, we say do it. 

Lo and behold - Giada's secretly simple Christmas menu!

fig burrata prosciutto crostini

The Appetizer: Burrata Prosciutto Fig Crostini

How can you go wrong with these toppings? Creamy burrata cheese, prosciutto, fresh fig, some high quality balsamic drizzle and a touch of basil... it's perfection. The best part is that it's virtually all assembly, and the only thing that really needs cooking is the crostini - but if you can find crostini at your grocery store bakery, even better!


simple italian salad

The Salad: Giada's Simple Italian Salad 

In all honesty, when there's a big decadent meal full of flavors, this is exactly the kind of salad we need and want on the side. A simple mix of crisp and refreshing lettuces with an easy vinaigrette - simplicity at its best. The Christmas colors of red and green are a mere bonus!


cherry jam pork roast

The Main: Cherry-Jam Glazed Pork Loin Roast

The easiest way to dress up roast pork is one simple ingredient: jam! Fruit flavors pair so well with savory pork, and something about a shiny glaze on a big roast just screams holiday. The best part about this dish, though? You hardly need any ingredients to pack a big punch of flavor, and it's almost completely hands-off in the oven.
easy holiday lasagna

The Pasta: Easy Holiday Lasagna

It's not a holiday dinner in Giada's house without baked pasta, and there's nothing more appropriate for the occasion than lasagna! This version makes it so easy to whip up, but doesn't sacrifice any flavor or satisfaction. You can absolutely assemble this dish ahead of time, too.


brussels sprouts agrodolce holiday side dish

The Veggie Side Dish: Brussels Sprouts Agrodolce

In Italian cuisine, "agrodolce" refers to a sweet and sour sauce usually made with sugar and vinegar. This is a delicious way to cook up virtually any protein or vegetable, and the sweet-tart sauce pairs so well with savory brussels sprouts. The pops of cranberries aren't just beautiful, but add a great fresh flavor in every bite!



For Dessert: Cookies!

Fill Giada's cherry almond thumbprint cookies with any of your favorite jams for a colorful cookie display - but don't stop there. It's not an Italian Christmas without a variety of cookies, and we've got you covered in our shop.


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