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Classic Italian Seafood Recipes To Make For Lent

22 February 2023
by Giadzy
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Our favorite Italian seafood recipes for any occasion.

In the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, many Catholic Italians give up meat for the Lenten season. Customs vary from region to region in Italy and people choose to refrain from different things, but it's common to abstain from meat in favor of another favorite protein: seafood.

Whether or not you observe lent, you'll love these classically Italian seafood recipes.

Acqua Pazza

Acqua Pazza literally translates to "crazy water" in Italian, which refers to all the bold flavors in the zingy sauce.


Salmon Piccata

Turns out, the beloved lemon-caper sauce is just as good on salmon as it is on chicken.

Crab And Cherry Tomato Pasta

Sweet cherry tomatoes and succulent crab make one decadent combo in this pasta.


Arugula Pesto Pasta With Shrimp

This bright arugula pesto pairs beautifully with lightly grilled shrimp - say hello to spring with this recipe!


Fregola With Clams

This Sardinian-inspired recipe stars toasty fregola and clams for a light and bright coastal meal.


ahi tuna pesto

Grilled Ahi Tuna With Pesto 

Decadent pesto pairs surprisingly well with lightly grilled ahi tuna - a combo you'll want to eat over and over again!


 One Pan Shrimp And Rice

Rich, comforting but light all at once - this one-pot recipe checks all the boxes!



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