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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Celebrate the 4th with Giada's Italian Style Hot Dog Bar

01 May 2021
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Giada ups the ante on traditional 4th of July fare with her  Italian-style hot dog bar!

When it comes to grilling, there is simply nothing more fail-proof (or crowd-pleasing!) than a hot dog. So on a day where you need to feed a crowd, but want to party it up and stress less, why not utilize the humble hot dog as the star? A hot dog (or sausage!) bar is such an easy, fuss-free route to go when feeding a crowd, all while keeping it fun and customizable.

We're taking it a step further with this hot dog bar and include pre-cooked Italian chicken sausages - then spicing the whole thing with Italian-style toppings to make it extra fun. Aside from the typical standbys of mustard, ketchup and relish, we added a few new fun suspects to the mix. 

Italian Style Hot Dog Bar

Homemade pesto and calabrian chili mayo are the saucey stars of this lineup! You can make calabrian chili mayo simply by adding calabrian chili paste and lemon juice to mayonnaise - however much you want, depending on desired spice levels! Calabrian chili is pretty hot, so a little goes a long way - and the lemon helps balance the flavor.
For toppings, you can go wild - but we went with some Team Giadzy favorites. We filled up white bowls with crumbled pancetta (or bacon!), diced red onion, jalapeños or pepperoncini, and roasted peppers made up our toppings. However, the options are endless! You could throw in some fresh mozzarella, feta cheese, avocados or caramelized onions. Have fun picking out and visualizing fun toppings, and your guests will have a blast piling the toppings up high on their festive hot dogs and sausages.
Italian Style Hot Dog Bar
4th of July menu, done!
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