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Bone Broth Has Met Its Match

10 January 2019
by Lish Steiling

Bone Broth Has Met Its Match

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Parm broth is a powerful umami boost for any recipe - or to drink on its own

One of Giada's favorite cooking tricks is to save her parmesan rinds and toss them in the pot when she makes soups, stews, and braises. Though they're too hard to eat, the rinds of most hard cheeses are perfectly edible - it's the same cheese as the stuff you've been grating, just dried out from exposure to the air. Lately, I've been taking this flavor boosting powerhouse to the next level: parm broth, aka: love.
By simmering parm rinds in water with a few aromatics like garlic and peppercorns, you concentrate their flavor into a rich broth, creating a magic potion that adds depth to nearly any dish. Not only is it so easy to add to vegetarian recipes, but with all that beautiful, silky fat that permeates the broth from the rind, you get the same satisfying mouth feel as having a meat broth.

As a vegetarian option, parm broth adds so much more flavor than regular vegetable stock, with an intense umami boost that will leave your friends asking what kind of magic you've been using. Swap parm broth for chicken or vegetable stock in stews, risottos, or even soups like this Winter Minestrone. It would also make a killer pasta e fagioli! Basically any dish that tastes good with a shower of grated parmigiano over top is the perfect candidate for parm broth. 

Make a batch now and keep it in your freezer for a rainy, wintry day, or any day really. Trust me, you will be so happy you did.


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