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9 Easy Ways To Get Your Kitchen Ready For The Holidays

02 November 2021
by Giadzy
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Get that kitchen prepped and ready for the holidays with this simple checklist.

If you're in charge of cooking for the holidays (or at least, if your kitchen will be hosting any meals!) then being prepared is the name of the game to avoid stress and potential problems. Consider this your simple checklist in getting your kitchen prepped and ready for all the holidays ahead - you'll be ready to tackle any cooking project!

Stock up on the stock.

Vegetable and chicken stock (or broth) are so essential during the holidays, and they can even rescue many dishes (gravy or potatoes got too thick? stock! Scorched gravy? Whip up a new batch with all that stock!) Always have a bit more on hand than you think you need!

Get some extra butter and throw it in the freezer.

Like stock, butter is one of those ingredients during the holidays that you always think you have enough of, but between pie crusts and cookies and mashed potatoes and beyond, we always seem to go through it quicker than we think. In times of need, there's no savior like remembering you have a pack of butter in the freezer.

Get yourself a reliable thermometer.

We all have an old thermometer buried deep in the kitchen tool drawer that we're not certain is trustworthy or not. Do yourself a favor and get a fresh one that you can rely on! There's nothing worse than undercooking your turkey or holiday main dish and having to stick it back in the oven.


Clean out the refrigerator - all the way in the back!

Time to inspect all those random jars that have been shoved to the back of the fridge - there's almost always something that needs to go. Refrigerator real estate is at its most valuable during the holidays, and every square inch counts - so toss out the old salsas and sauces and give everything a solid wipe-down.

Butcher's twine!

Whether you think you might have some in that random kitchen drawer or need to buy some more, it's time to check! There is nothing so handy at tying roasts together or making that turkey look presentation worthy.

Evaluate your tupperware game.

If you share food often, it's common for your tupperware to slowly dwindle throughout the year (where does it all go??). Leftovers are never so prominent than they are during the holidays, so make sure you have plenty of storage at the ready for all that extra food. (and if you're planning on giving leftovers away to guests, have to-go boxes ready!)

Get your pantry ready for last-minute snacks for drop by guests.

The art of a last-minute cheese or snack platter is one that seasoned hosts know well, and the secret is to be prepared. Peruse the Giadzy pantry for antipasti staples that you can pull out in a pinch for an authentically Italian aperitivo hour when needed.

Sharpen the knives.

Whether you do it at home or use a service, it's the best time to get those knives in tip-top shape. Remember - a dull knife is actually a lot more dangerous than a sharp one!

Stock the bar.

The most fun one. Get some wines ahead of time, freshen up the liqueurs and think of any fun cocktails you might want to have as your go-to during the season. Making your own spiced simple syrups will score you big bonus points!



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