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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

Giada's Favorite Childhood Treat: Ricotta Toast

06 September 2022
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Ricotta toast has blown up in popularity online, but this treat has deep roots in Giada’s family.

One of Giada’s most beloved childhood treats is as simple and delicious as it gets: toasted bread topped with sweetened ricotta. This snack faced viral popularity on Tik Tok as the new sweet spin on avocado toast, but it’s a treat Giada has loved for years and years.


“When I was a kid, my grandpa used to make me ricotta like this. He used to put lots of cocoa powder and sugar on top.” Giada reminisces. “I always just wanted to eat the ricotta and sugar, and he used to tell me not to touch it until he was done making it!”


Real Italian ricotta cheese is entirely different from the most common ones we see at the grocery store in the ‘states. It’s creamier, not quite as wet, and many shops make it fresh every day. When indulging in a treat like this, try to find the best one you can - in this recipe, it’s all about the ricotta!


In Giada’s spin on the recipe, she adds a touch of vanilla extract to give it that umph of decadent flavor, and a touch of cinnamon for warmth. Instead of folding cocoa powder into the cheese, she tops her toast with shaved dark chocolate.


Giada’s grandfather, affectionately referred to in the family as Nonno Dino, always had tons of fun passing down these types of simple Italian recipes to his children and grandchildren. Giada continues the familial tradition by making this recipe for Jade, too. It’s a great sweet hearty bite for after school, or when snacktime calls for something a little extra cozy and decadent.


Tap here for Giada's recipe!


“I was thinking, too, that this makes for a great breakfast. Top it with strawberries, bananas or raspberries!” Giada recommends. How could we resist?



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