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Spoil Your Dog With These Homemade Dog Treats!

12 October 2020
by Giadzy
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What better way to say "I love you!" to your pup than serving up freshly made dog snacks?

It can be hard to find the perfect treat for your dog - whether they have allergies or very particular preferences, sometimes the best solution is to just make them from scratch! Giada's peanut butter homemade dog treats feature just a small handful of whole-food, healthy ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing your pampered pup is getting only the best.
Giada adds a special ingredient that makes these treats extra enticing to even the pickiest of dogs... Parmesan cheese! While it's best to give them Parmesan in moderation, even our own veterinarians have vouched that it can be added to dog food to make it extra desirable to finicky eaters. Just a small quarter cup of grated cheese to this batch of cookies will have your pups salivating when they smell their freshly baked treats in the oven.
The fun part of making these treats is that you can use any cookie cutter! You can find tons of cute dog-themed cutters online, or keep it simple by using the rim of a glass or mason jar to cut out rounds (your dog won't tell the difference!)
Rest assured, these treats have been Bruno-tested and approved - and a couple of our own furry friends on the Giadzy team can vouch for them as well!
Homemade Dog Treats

Giada's Peanut Butter Dog Treats