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Trending: Dog Bowls To Match Your Kitchen

Whatever style your kitchen - modern, contemporary, farmhouse - there's a dog bowl to match!

Dog bowls have come a long way in the last few years! While we used to just head to the pet store when we needed a fresh new one, there's a whole new world of trendy dog bowls available at home and design stores these days. So instead of maintaining a cute kitchen despite the dog's things, why not get a dog bowl that actually accentuates your style? Check out some of our favorite options below!


modern colorful dog bowls

Lopaa Ceramic Pet Bowls


modern clean dog bowls

Food52 Modern Stainless Steel Dog Bowl




customized porcelain dog bowls

Custom Homemade Porcelain Bowls


light gray dog bowls

Classic Gray Dog Bowls


btw ceramic dog bowls

btw Ceramics Dog Bowl




white ceramic dog bowls

Handmade Stoneware Dog Bowls



Dog Bone Pet Bowl Stand




Hammered Copper Decorative Dog Bowl




Gold-Trimmed Ceramic Pet Food Bowls



Marble Modern Ceramic Pet Bowl


Woof Luxe Dog Bowl & Frame