Giada's Obsessions - March 2023

I was in Miami last week for the South Beach Food & Wine Festival and everytime I'm there I HAVE to go to Joe's Stone Crab. My fav thing to get is their Grilled Tomatoes. They're topped with creamed spinach and melted cheese and such a treat.
LA has been freezing lately (it snowed last week!!) and I've been living in a black puffer vest I got from Zara over Xmas. It's oversized and feels like I'm walking around in a sleeping bag...which is honestly just what I want, ha! It's currently sold out, but they have other equally cozy options: like this!
A few weeks ago I went to Florence for the Taste of Florence Food Show (research for Giadzy!) and while I was there I discovered these cute little wine windows all over town. You basically go up to a little arched window that's like only 1ft big and they hand you a glass of wine to enjoy on the street. Next time you're in Florence keep an eye out- they're everywhere. I felt so young drinking a glass of wine on a cute cobblestone street!
We just got these new Centonze Olive Oil Tins and I'm LOVING them. They look so pretty on my counter and the olive oil in them is fantastic. They're a must-try!
Jade is in a band at her high school (I know, she's growing up way too fast!) and she sang an Amy Winehouse song recently that was one of her best performances yet. That girl can SING. I continue to be so proud of the person she's becoming.
Speaking of Jade...she's trying to convince me to see Harry Styles for the FOURTH time next month in Europe. Do I give in and do it?!
I have the new Charlotte Tilbury lip kit called Pillow Talk and it's soo good. It comes with both a lipstick and a liner, but honestly I just use the liner and then put clear gloss on top to blend it together. What I love about it is that it stays on all day, even after drinking coffee or water.
Carol, our COO of Giadzy, has a pet tortoise in her backyard in Miami and I met it for the first time last week and I'm obsessed. Her name is Speedy and she followed me around the backyard and even into the house. I had a tortoise as a kid and I loved it....I'm thinking about getting one in LA!
I wore a hot pink L'Agence Suit to the Haute Magazine lunch in Miami and I think it's my new favorite item. I felt so powerful and also comfortable (that never happens!) and the suit doesn't wrinkle at all- I took it out of my suitcase and it was good to go. 2023 might just be my year of the Hot Pink Power Suit!!
Easter at Giadzy
I can't believe I'm saying this, but Easter is almost here! We just got tons of super cute Easter goodies on Giadzy (like the GIANT egg!!) and it's already almost sold out! I'm about to place an order now because last time I waited to order the orange olive oil for the viral Olive Oil Cake I was too late and now it's out of stock again!