Organic Rosemary Sprigs

The quintessential Mediterranean herb from the wild beauty of Sicily, dried on the branch so you know just what you're getting.

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No herb is more quintessentially Mediterranean than rosemary, and there’s no dried rosemary more intensely aromatic than this version from Filippone. The woody plant thrives in sunny, dry climates, and it grows wild across much of southern Italy, where its unmistakable scent perfumes the coastal breezes. This rosemary is grown on a small family farm in Sicily and dried right on the branch, so there's no doubt about what you're getting.

In Italy during the Middle Ages, rosemary was the symbol of happiness, loyalty, and love. During weddings, the bride would wear it in her hair, while the groom and wedding guests wore a small sprig in their clothes. It was also beloved as a potent medicinal herb, with immune-boosting properties that have been proven to this day. These branches of rosemary are picked by hand and hung to dry in the old-fashioned way to retain more of its potent flavor and nutrition.

The second-generation farmers of the Filippone family grow their herbs in the unspoiled majesty of Madonie regional park, near the northern coast of the island of Sicily. Covering more than 60 square miles of mountainous terrain between Palermo and Cefalù, the park is a haven for birds, rare butterflies, and wild orchids. The high altitude and pristine soil and water combine to make the most flavorful herbs we’ve ever tried. Filippone’s products are all organically grown and harvested with minimal impact to protect the natural beauty of the park and preserve it for future generations.
Rosemary is incredibly aromatic, with a uniquely floral, piney flavor. This dried rosemary can be used whole to flavor stews, braises, and ragus, or to flavor olive oil or vinegar. In Italy, rosemary is a common ingredient in marinades and sauces for beef, lamb, and chicken or duck. It’s a fabulous flavoring for focaccia and other breads, and a little goes a long way to add its signature perfume. To remove from the branch, crumble the leaves gently by hand to release their aromatic compounds.
Size: 0.8 oz
Organic rosemary