Pecorino Romano DOP Cheese

Bold and unmistakably flavorful, this genuine pecorino romano is the cheese your pasta has been missing.

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In the Italian pantheon of cheeses, two stand at the very top: parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano. Less understood than its famous sister, pecorino romano might just be our favorite, with a bold, salty bite that is utterly irreplaceable. It’s an essential part of beloved Roman pasta dishes like cacio e pepe and pasta alla gricia, often used in combination with parmigiano for the perfect balance of high and low notes. Today, most pecorino is made in Sardinia, so we were thrilled when we found the very best pecorino romano in its traditional home in Lazio, DOP-certified to prove it’s made following strict, time-honored techniques.

Pecorino is a term used for many cheeses made with sheep’s milk (the name comes from pecora, “sheep”). In addition to pecorino romano, other famous pecorinos include pecorino sardo and pecorino toscano. As you might guess, pecorino romano is from Rome, and is one of the oldest known Italian cheeses, dating all the way back to the Roman empire. It was so important to their diet that it was included in the daily rations for Roman legionaries! It has a similar crumbly texture to parmigiano reggiano, though it’s generally softer as it’s not aged as long.

We’ve sourced the very best wheels from Fulvi, one of the few producers of pecorino romano still based in its traditional home of Lazio. For 60 years, members of the Sini family have been making real pecorino romano in the village of Nepi from rich sheep’s milk fed on pastures in the flatlands that surround Rome. Hand-salted and carefully aged for 10-12 months—double the amount of time required—Fulvi’s pecorino romano is creamy, bold, and flavorful. Each wedge is hand-cut and wrapped in paper to protect the precious cheese without suffocating it.

This is a perishable item. Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt.

With a salty, funky, slightly sweet flavor, pecorino romano shines in dishes where it can stand up against other bold flavors—or showcase it in a simple dish where it can be the star! Giada likes to show it off in pasta alla gricia or gnocchi with butter-thyme sauce. Try it on Caesar salad, in any of the classic Roman pastas, or on a cheese board paired with jam and honey.
This is a perishable item. Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt.
Unpasteurized sheep's milk, salt, rennet.

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