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Nonna's Recipes: Kristin Cavallari's Honey Ricotta Pancakes

12 May 2023
by Giadzy

Nonna's Recipes: Kristin Cavallari's Honey Ricotta Pancakes

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Kristin Cavallari probably needs no introduction, but we'll give her one anyway: beloved reality TV star from Laguna Beach has made her foray into the cooking world in the last several years, and we're grateful for it. Her recipes are at the intersection of healthy and comforting - a balance we're always happy to strike!

Her most recent book, "Truly Simple," is all about her life as a mom and feeding her kids easy and delicious recipes that she created. Many of these recipes connect Kristin to her Italian roots - just like her honey ricotta pancakes.

When it comes to food that kids will reliably be happy to devour in the morning, pancakes are always a winner. "I love ricotta in just about anything (it must be my Italian roots), including these pancakes." says Kristin. "The ricotta balances perfectly with the touch of honey. Fluffy and flavorful, these pancakes make for a healthy yet indulgent breakfast."

For Kristin, food is a way to connect with her heritage and pass on her family's traditions to her children. These divine honey ricotta pancakes are a perfect example of how she shares her love of Italian cuisine with her kids. The ricotta cheese adds a rich and creamy texture to the pancakes, while the touch of honey gives them just the right amount of sweetness.

Honey Ricotta Pancakes Recipe

The honey ricotta pancakes recipe is just one of many ways that Kristin keeps her family's traditions alive and creates lasting memories with her kids. Tap here to give them a try!


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