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Nonna's Recipes: This Triple-Chocolate Biscotti Connects Lindsey To Her Heritage

07 May 2023
by Giadzy
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This biscotti creates a sweet connection among Lindsey's family, no matter how spread apart the country they may be.

As we lead up to Mother's Day, we've been exploring the connection of food through generations. In many families, there's a standout cook who shares their recipes and connects everyone together - and for our very own Lindsey Galey, that person is her Aunt Carol.

Lindsey's Aunt Carol has always been the chef and glue that held her Italian family together. Every family gathering was graced with half-a-dozen antipasti dishes, a full spread of pastas and meats, and of course... dessert. "When my dad passed about 15 years ago, her recipes kept his memory alive." says Lindsey.

Triple Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

Aunt Carol's love for food is evident in the way she shares it with her family - she created a recipe book for Lindsey with all of their family recipes spanning generations, and it's something she has treasured ever since. The true treat in the book is her triple chocolate biscotti - Lindsey fondly remembers sneaking endless amounts of it at family Christmas gatherings. Now, because the family is scattered across the country, her Aunt Carol bakes and ships them out to her family at every celebration... true dedication!

The triple chocolate biscotti recipe is completely delicious, whether you're eating it for breakfast dipped in coffee or a dessert. It starts with a chocolate dough mixed with chocolate chips and hazelnuts that gets double-baked, in true biscotti fashion, until crispy. The biscotti is then dunked in a white chocolate coating - a true dream for the dedicated chocolate-lover. Aunt Carol's recipe allows for the nuts and toppings to be swapped out for your favorites - use any mix-ins you love.

"I’ll warn you though, they are hard to put down," says Lindsey. "So if you’re a chocolate-lover like myself, double the batch!"

What makes this recipe special is the connection it holds with Lindsey's family. It's a recipe that spans generations and has been passed down with love from her Aunt Carol. These recipes have kept the memory of Lindsey's father alive, and now she can do the same for her children - one of the greatest gifts anyone can give their family.


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