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La Merenda, The Italian After-School Snack

12 September 2023
by Giadzy

La Merenda, The Italian After-School Snack

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Meet Italy's wholesome after-school tradition

In Italy, the after-school snack is a cherished afternoon ritual known as "la merenda". It's a time-honored tradition that bridges the gap between the end of the school day and dinner. For most Italian adults, it's a fondly remembered piece of their own childhoods.

The concept behind la merenda is simple: it's about enjoying a hearty, satisfying snack that not only staves off their hunger, but provides a moment of connection. It's the perfect opportunity for kids to unwind after school and share stories of the day with their families.

La Merenda, The Italian After-School Snack
While the specifics of la merenda vary from region to region and household to household, there are a few beloved staples that are loved across Italy. Fruit and cheese, bread and jam, pane pomodoro in summertime or biscotti and milk are all common options.

Giada has honored this tradition throughout Jade's childhood, and there is one snack that always reigned supreme: toasted Italian bread slathered in chocolate hazelnut spread, and topped with sliced strawberries. It's a decadent treat that Jade always looked forward to.

Watch Giada and Jade make this beloved snack together!


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