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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman

The Italian Spin on S'mores

29 August 2023
by Giadzy
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Newman
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Elevate your s'mores game with this Italian twist: torrone.

When it comes to indulgent summer treats, s'mores are undoubtedly the champion of easy homemade desserts. The classic graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow combo is nostalgic and delicious as-is, but there's a way to give this American classic an alluring Italian makeover: with soft torrone! Italy's sweet, chewy, nut-studded nougat confection adds an elevated twist to the beloved summer sweet.

Turns out, soft torrone can be roasted over an open flame to caramelized perfection the same way a marshmallow can. It's as easy as replacing a marshmallow with a wedge of soft torrone—but we do have a few tips for s'mores success.

Torrone S'mores

1. Distance matters! When roasting torrone over a fire, hold it slightly further away from the flames than you would with marshmallows. As torrone is denser than marshmallows, it needs a bit more time for the heat to penetrate the middle for gooey goodness. Holding the torrone further from the flame prevents immediate charring, so a bit of patience will be rewarded.

2. Soft torrone—not crunchy! There are two main types of torrone on the market: soft (morbido) and crunchy/crumbly (friable). You'll want to use soft torrone for this application. Our bag with soft hazelnut torrone is perfect for the job - it's even pre-portioned for ease of use!

3. Experiment! You can either use just the torrone in place of marshmallow, or you can use both. Play with different ratios, and different styles of chocolate—we prefer the combination of dark chocolate with the sweet flavor of torrone for contrast.

As always when making s'mores, practice fire safety! For those without a campfire handy, you can easily make these on the stovetop, or by broiling the torrone in the oven on a sheet pan and checking often. We've linked our favorite torrone for this recipe below - enjoy your Italian s'mores journey!


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