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Holiday Hint 9: This No-Reheat App Is A Compliment Magnet

When invited to potlucks, parties, and gatherings, there's always the question of "what's an app I don't need to reheat?" and this is your answer!

Two words: savory cheesecake. This deceptively simple appetizer is just plain delicious. A creamy mix of cheeses with roasted red peppers makes for a flavorful savory but pleasantly sweet custard, and serving alongside apricot jam and toasted pita chips creates a whole new spin on the cheese plate experience.
Even better? We can almost guarantee nobody else will be arriving with the same offering in hand! Get ready to serve up this conversation-starting dish and be met with a load of compliments and recipe-asking thereafter. 
Hint: if you're serving a larger crowd or don't have a 4" diameter springform pan, you can easily double the recipe - the more cheese, the merrier!


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