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Grilling Artichokes is Easier Than You Think

How to make seasonal artichokes even better? Throw them on the grill!

While artichokes can be amazing with a simple steam, some smokey char takes them to the next level. And to make them seriously irresistable? Whip up Giada's quick lemony, garlicky parsley vinaigrette to generously douse all over them while they're hot. 
Don't be intimidated by artichoke prep - we've got the step-by-step right here! Once you've tackled prepping the hearty veggies, give them a steambath in a lemony broth to get almost totally tender while you get the grill hot. Once you get them on the grill, it's smooth sailing - don't move them around too much so as not to tear off any (delicious!) leaves and to get those perfect charred lines. Before you know it, you'll have a picture-perfect platter of artichokes that pair well with just about any other grilled protein.
New spring and summer standby? You bet! 


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