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Big Batch Italian Cocktails, 2 Ways

03 August 2022
by Giadzy
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Summer entertaining just got a whole lot easier - and tastier.

When it comes to mixing drinks for company in the summertime, there's no better answer than to whip up some big-batch cocktails. Nobody needs to fuss around with making their own drinks (which inevitably makes a mess!) and it's one less thing to think about during your party, and less time fussing means more time spent having fun. Cin cin to that!
We're highlighting two new favorites for big-batch cocktails this summer: the Aperol Punch (yes - think a spritz in a giant punch bowl!) and the Hugo Pitcher.

Aperol Punch

The Aperol spritz is so ubiquitous in Italy, and the number one drink associated with the ritual of aperitivo hour. This is our big-batch take on the beloved cocktail, and we are here for it. The light bitter notes of the grapefruit seltzer bring out the brightness of the Aperol, and make it all the more refreshing for a hot day. 
The Hugo Pitcher Cocktail
Credit: Lizzy Newman

The Hugo Pitcher

This classic drink originated from a small commune in northern Italy, called "South Tyrol" in Bolzano. It's now widespread and adored all across European countries, and this is our spin on making it for a crowd. You can go the classic route and use mint and lime, which is most typical of this cocktail - but we find that basil and lemon play just as nicely with the floral notes of the elderflower.


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