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Sea Salt Seasoning with Oregano & Chile Peppers

Sprinkle on a taste of the Italian south with this fragrant blend of crunchy sea salt, wild oregano, and spicy peppers.

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This sea salt with oregano and chiles from Kazzen is a taste of the island of Pantelleria, a rocky outpost off the southwest coast of Sicily near Tunisia. With dramatic volcanic craters and hot springs, the island’s landscape is forbidding to all but the most sun-loving plants—luckily, this includes oregano and chile peppers! The combination of the unique nutrients found in Pantelleria’s volcanic soil and that intense southern heat gives these ingredients a potency and complexity of flavor you won’t find anywhere else. They’re dried and combined with crunchy sea salt that’s harvested from the southern Mediterranean waters around the island to created this fragrant finishing seasoning that will bring depth to any dish.

Oregano is a versatile, fragrant herb that is a true staple of Italian cuisine. It’s indispensable in sauces, vinaigrettes, marinades—you name it. It grows wild in the mountains of Sicily, where the air is perfumed with its intense, heady aroma. Oregano’s name is from the ancient Greek for “mountain delight,” and it’s been a staple in the region for millennia. In addition to its unmistakable flavor, oregano is traditionally used as a digestive aid and is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Run by three brothers from Pantelleria, Kazzen is dedicated to sharing the unique bounty of their home with the rest of Italy and the world. A true labor of love, Kazzen uses traditional methods and recipes to continue the flavorful legacy of their island. Their motto is “specialità dell’isola”—specialties of the island—and their capers, oils, and delicious sauces and spreads will bring a taste of Pantelleria to your home.

This crunchy sea salt is seasoned with potent dried oregano and medium-spicy dried chiles for a burst of flavor in every pinch. Use sparingly to finish dishes such as pastas and pizzas, or sprinkle over roasted meats.
Size: 6.3 oz
Sea salt, oregano, dried chile