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Almond Cantucci In Milan Tin

Chiostro di Saronno

Size | 7 oz

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The Lazzaroni family have been making delicious cookies like these cantuccini in Saronno, a city just north of Milan in Lombardy, for centuries. While they are most famous for their amaretti, their version of these typical Tuscan cookies is just as amazing. This humble cookie made from just a few simple ingredients is a mainstay of Italian culture, as are the iconic tins in which they have been sold for over a century. This keepsake tin of cantuccini features a painted scene of the Duomo of Milan, the perfect gift for the sweets-lover in your life.

While you might recognize them as biscotti, that word means simply “cookie” in Italian! The proper Italian name for these twice-baked, sliced cookies is cantucci, or, in this case, cantuccini (“little cantucci”). Its origins can be traced back to the city of Prato in Tuscany in the middle of the 19th century, when baker Antonio Mattei created an international sensation with these crisp little biscuits. While cantucci can be found in countless flavor combinations today, this almond-studded version is closest to the traditional recipe.

Lazzaroni have been producing iconic cookies since 1719, first as a small local baker, and then becoming the first company in Italy to produce cookies for commercial sale in 1888. Lazzaroni are custodians to the amaretti archive, which is kept in the cloisters of a 14th-century church in Saronno. The archive includes cookie tins dating back hundreds of years, all hand-decorated with glamorous Italian scenes, alluring women, wistful landscapes, dreamy Christmas vignettes, and more.

Lazzaroni continues to pay homage to these vintage tins, and they produce containers inspired by the historical designs. They’re a perfect home for these beautiful cookies, and a lovely container to store anything in thereafter.
These light, sweet cookies have a delicately simple flavor, with pieces of almond throughout. Because they are extremely crisp, they are traditionally dunked in espresso or vin santo to finish a meal.
Size: 7 oz
Wheat flour, sugar, almonds (20%), eggs, egg yolk, butter, honey, whole milk, salt, flavours, Raising Agent: Ammonium bicarbonate. May contain traces of soy and other nuts.